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Ballarat Floor Sanding - Standards Of Workmanship
Our commitment to you is that Ballarat floor sanding will deliver the highest level of workmanship on every job ensuring quality service. To ensure this we only use quality materials and expert practices along with some of the best European made machinery. We pride ourselves on our goodwill and the reputation that we have earned from many satisfied clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many coats do you apply to the floor surface?

We generally use a three coat system for best results.

Can I request additional coats?

Yes, however additional coats will incur extra charges.

What areas do you service?

We currently service, Ballarat and surrounding districts, Geelong, Daylesford and the Western suburbs of Melbourne.

Can I re-sand engineered / floating floors?

Some types of engineered flooring are able to be sanded & polished. We will advise you whether your floors are suitable for re-sanding when we quote your job.

My floors have dark water marks / cut marks on them. Will these marks be removed by sanding?

In many cases, surface water damage can be removed, however this will depend on the extent and depth of the mark. In some cases the marks have deeply penetrated the boards which means they cannot be completely removed. Cut marks generally penetrate deeply into the board and may not be completely removed with sanding.

After my floors are sanded and polished, how long will I have to wait until I move my furniture in?

We recommend that you wait at least 2 - 7 days depending on the type of finish to allow the surface to cure before moving furniture in. It is important not to drag furniture across the surface of newly polished boards and we recommend that you wait at least 7 days before laying rugs over the floor.

What are the benefits of using water based coating products?

Water based products are better for your health, emit much less fumes and have less odor, whilst still producing a durable and beautiful looking finish. We highly recommend using water based coatings if you wish to remain in your home whilst you are having areas of flooring polished.

Will my floor change colour over time?

Depending on the type of finish, some floors may darken with age.

If I elect to use a solvent based finish, how long will it take till the fumes dissipate?

Most suppliers recommend a minimum of 7 days to fully cure, but smells can disappear earlier with proper ventilation.

Feel free to contact us for a no-obligation free quote and our friendly, reliable and professional service.

Ballarat floor sanding will provide hassle-free service and we endeavour to always be on time. Our professional and friendly staff will ensure that you get great service at an affordable price. We take great pride in what we do and aim to ensure that all of our customers get complete customer satisfaction and value for money first time and every time.

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